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Andre Pennells

Andre Pennells

After a successful career as a Financial Director in various divisions of large listed groups, I decided to enter the property industry 15 years ago, initially as an investor, but during this period noticed an opportunity to assist distressed property owners and subsequently founded a company specializing in helping owners from losing their properties to the banks and were able to help many happy clients over the years to sell their properties as closely as possible to market value rather than at a discount - if the banks had their way!

Since then, I have gained extensive experience in all aspects of the property market and also qualified as a Master Practitioner in Real Estate (MPRE). In 2011 I co-founded JVP Properties, acquiring full control in 2013 and in late 2014, as Principal Estate Agent and Owner, changed the business model to operate exclusively online without having to use a middleman - the traditional estate agent, enabling us to work remotely from any location (long before it became more acceptable to do so!) This enabled me to reduce our commission fee and pass this saving onto the seller.

My core values and principles are Christian based with trust, honesty and integrity being the cornerstone of my beliefs and I work incredibly hard and hold myself to high ethical standards to ensure that my clients come first.

I achieve this by committing myself fully to a transaction and then going the extra mile to ensure that the needs of both seller and buyer are met but always with total integrity and always by thinking outside the box and making it happen!

Please contact me now - I'm ready to assist both buyer and seller!

Tel 060 310 7702
Office 082 076 7135