How do I sell my house quickly?

PUBLISHED 18 JUN 2017   

You’ve made the decision to sell your house. For whatever your reasons, you need to ensure that the sale is made as quickly as possible, so what do you do? Well, we hope this article gives a little advice that helps to answer the question “how do I sell my house quickly?” Here are just a few ideas:

Get your paperwork in order – One of the things that can hold up the sale of property is paperwork that is not in order. Do you have your formal ID documents? – They will be required when the offer to purchase comes into play. Is the paperwork with your bank in order? Check what your bond settlement figure will be and remember banks need about 90 days to cancel a bond. Remember that, by law, you will need to supply an electrical certificate of compliance (ECC) and this will hold up any deal until it has been presented, so get it done right away. A Transferring or Conveyance Attorney, specialising in property sale transactions (Most attorneys have a division that handle this) will be able to advise you on the legal documents that may be required.

If your home needs a faceliftdo it now! – It happens time after time. You have a show-day and start to see the look of distaste on people’s faces as they notice the odd cracked tiles and that gutter that is still hanging loose. Realise that lowering your price because you know the house is not quite up to par is not going to help. People want to know the place has been well looked after and if it hasn’t (and they can see it), this is going to create a big delay with its sale! Anything that is obviously in need of repair needs to be done immediately and before you show the house. Rather even extend your bond to raise the funds to ensure the place looks great, if you want a better price – and a much quicker sale!

Streamline by going onlineSelling your house quickly means that as soon as possible people need to be aware of your sale. You need to market your property and for that reason you may call in your local Estate agency to advise you, market and show the property ...or you can streamline this process by contacting a reputable online property agent (which is rapidly becoming the preferred method of selling) who can also market the property, probably to a far wider audience and who will charge considerably less commission! The registration process is simple and fast and without the usual exorbitant agency fees to be paid, a good online property company like JVP properties will still valuate and show the property if desired.

We are all too aware that sometimes life just happens and an urgent sale is necessary. If you are asking “How do I sell my house quickly?” we hope this has been of some help. Contact us for more free advice and information.