Can I sell my house online and still use an agent?

PUBLISHED 23 AUG 2017   

Whenever one is selling a property the kind of concerns that arise are “Who do I partner with, if anyone, to help me sell this house? Do I need to use an Estate agent in the traditional sense ...I.E the local agent that has kept bothering me to sell and give them a sole mandate? They certainly seem to know the buyers in the area and have offered to give me a free valuation and help me through the selling process ...but can I just sell it myself online? It certainly could save a lot of money – these agents’ commissions are so high!” Well, perhaps we can help, as this article answers the question “Can I sell my house online and still use an agent?

Simply put, the answer is yes. You can sell online and still use an agent, providing you engage the services of a good online property agent! By doing so, you can still make a massive saving on what traditional agents charge (commissions can be as low as 1.9%), but still receive all the following essential services provided by a property agent, which are...

A professional valuation – Correctly valuing your property so you can put it up for sale at the right price is absolutely essential. Obviously you don’t want to under-price the home, but nothing will delay your sale more than if it is overpriced to begin with. You will just need to keep dropping the price, which then raises suspicion as to the real value of the house. JVP properties give a professional valuation and advice on your pricing in accordance with other sales in your area, as part of their service.

List and advertise – Your property is still listed, but online and advertised on the worldwide web, the largest advertising medium by far. Pictures are still shown and marketing is still area specific, so you have nothing to lose and plenty commission to save! 

Show your house – As with the sale of any property, the property still needs to be viewed and a professional online agency will still provide a show house and arrange show times in accordance with your availability and scheduling.

Effect the sale – JVP properties make this promise “Although you are able to reduce the traditional estate agent’s fee to the bare minimum, we still take full responsibility for the successful sale of your property until transfer to the new buyer!” As they stand on a reputation that has been achieved through many years of experience and many successful sales, you can rest assured that this is a promise they will keep.

We hope your question “Can I sell my house online and still use an agent?” has been answered to your satisfaction. If so, contact us for more information and free advice. Remember ‘We put our money where our mouth is” so come and put us to the test!