What you need property agents for –and what you don’t!

PUBLISHED 24 APR 2018   

It is well known that there is a trend, since the advent of online property platforms, for more people to sell their properties privately. They just advertise online and then wait for buyers to come to them. The problems experienced though can be multiple, like incorrect pricing at the outset, which sees them waiting forever to get a sale...advertising which is not targeted in a accordance with their specific area leads to lots of wasted time showing to irrelevant buyers ...and poorly drawn up contracts lead to legal complications and delays at the deeds office, again causing a delayed sale.

These are just a few of the possible challenges that private sellers face, so it’s clear that agents do have their place, but as a seller, you really don’t want to pay those high commissions. So what do you do? Well, there is a solution, but perhaps we first need to take a look at what you need property agents for –and what you don’t!

You DO need Property agents for...

Correct valuation - Correctly valuating your property to ensure you market it at the right price is essential and agents are usually very aware of the correct property value in certain areas.

Targeted buyers – Advertising your property on the right forums to the right buyers will save time, assuming only really interested buyers will be coming to view.

Contracts and legal follow through – Contracts need to be correctly formalised and follow up with Transferring Attorneys handling the legal aspects is important.

You DON’T need Property agents for...

Excessive commissions – Commissions can be as high as 7% and even when negotiable are far higher than the low commissions that can be achieved through private selling.

Sole mandates – Local area agents tend to try to convince you to give them a Sole mandate to sell the property. This is unnecessary and limits your selling options.

Dropping in on you – Because they are in the area, local agents also have the disturbing habit of just ‘dropping by’ whenever they have buyers around ...and setting up showdays to suit themselves instead of going with what suits you.

So now you know what you need property agents for –and what you don’t! Fortunately there is a solution in the form of professional online property agents who give you all the benefits of dealing with an agency without the unnecessary disadvantages and high commissions. Just one example, in the Pretoria area, is JVP Properties, who handle the complete cycle of the sale of a property from listing, to advertising, to organised showings and show days, to contacts and legal requirements until the handover of the property.

Commissions are from as little as 1,95% and with a solid reputation and many successful sales which spawned their motto
We put our money where our mouth is” you can do no better than to make contact today for that free listing and valuation without any sole mandate condition!