3 FREE benefits of selling your house online

PUBLISHED 18 SEP 2017   

For whatever their own reasons may be, there are more and more people who are turning to online selling of their homes as opposed to going with traditional Estate agents. Many feel that some Estate agents are just too expensive in terms of the commissions they demand and many just simply don’t want people constantly viewing the home even at times that it is not convenient to them.

So the alternative, as many people now know, is to advertise and list your home online, but then many feel that they are then just one of a massive number of advertisers and are pretty much left to deal with all the intricacies of a property sale without help or advice.

The solution therefore lies with finding an online property sales platform that is also a reputable estate agent. This is not only possible, but if you are still in any doubt that it’s the right way to go, here are 3 FREE benefits of selling your house online...

1) Free Advertising – Apart from any form of renovations that need to be carried out to ensure your home is in a saleable condition (and we highly recommend you do so, as the eventual sale price will directly equate to the condition of the house) probably your biggest expense will be the advertising of the property. This is not the case when selling online with JVP properties. As soon as you are listed (and listing itself is FREE), you are advertised though their website and open to the attention of the Worldwide web of potential property buyers. Your specific area is categorised and though a search facility, buyers in your area are alerted.

2) Free Valuation – Without a doubt, the most important thing about selling a property quickly is to value it correctly and advertise it at the right price at the outset. Obviously you don’t want to undervalue it, but If you overvalue the house, as many buyers tend to do, you can lose many potential buyers within the range you should be selling. Also, because it is overvalued it can sit on the market for so long that buyers begin to believe there is something wrong with it! Don’t take this chance. Have a FREE valuation done by an expert prior to listing.

3) Free advice – If you ensure the online platform you list on is also a qualified Estate agent, they will give you FREE advice on the whole property selling process and carry the deal through to completion, taking full responsibility for the successful sale until transfer to the new buyer.

If these 3 FREE benefits of selling your house online have convinced you that this is the way to go, contact us to get listed, advertised, valuated ...and for all the free advice and help you need to ensure the successful sale of your property.