How to show your property to potential buyers

PUBLISHED 18 AUG 2018   

We hope you find the following information helpful and that it will assist you in preparing your property for the maximum exposure so that you can achieve the selling price you deserve.


The Small Stuff

  • On appointment dates, create an ambiance by:
    • ensuring the beds are neatly made and bedrooms are tidy.
    • spraying air freshener or grounding and brewing coffee beans to create a pleasant smell.
    • placing a vase of flowers or pot plants in prominent areas inside the house.
    • ensuring the bathrooms are tidy, towels are folded, toilet rolls are neatly rolled up and the toilet lids are down.
    • opening the curtains to let more light in and/or switching lights on for dark rooms.
    • perhaps opening windows and doors to make the house more airy.
  • highlighting special features – light up your fire-place, switch on the Jacuzzi, open up umbrellas around the pool area, switch air conditioners on, etc.
  • ensuring the hosepipe is neatly rolled up and other garden tools packed away.
  • clearing away any children’s toys that may be lying around the garden.
  • ensuring pets’ litter has been picked up and that they “behave” themselves or are at least restrained.


Obviously the objective of allowing prospective buyers to view the property is to sell it. However, having said this, you should not come across as being over anxious or even desperate to sell the property and therefore you should:

  • Be aware that buyers often do not know precisely what they want but, on the other hand, know very well what they do not want when they see it.
  • Not rush the presentation of the property but, rather, do it in a relaxed and calm manner, allowing the potential buyer to get a comprehensive visual picture of the property.
  • Allow the prospective buyer to walk ahead and refrain from talking all the time but, nevertheless, still pointing out the special features and benefits of the property.
  • Not allow the buyer to try and put you on the spot by wanting to negotiate the price with you – rather refer them back to us.
  • Also, be very aware of security and ensure all valuables have been safely locked away and that you have someone else present with you just to be on the safe side.
  • Not allow anyone to arrive unannounced to view the property. Rather refer them to us so we can go through the verification process and then make a firm appointment with you.


Finally, although some of the points above may seem unnecessary or even a waste of time, you should keep in mind that us humans are fickle by nature and base our purchases normally on emotion rather than logic. One will never be able to hard-sell a buyer into buying a particular property, yet, people have been known, for example, to have bought a property purely on the basis of a cosy fireplace they saw on a cold winter’s night and could visualise themselves sitting in front of that crackling fire!


We sincerely hope that the above information will assist you and that, together, we will achieve our mutual goal!