JVP Properties | How to get your property "show house" ready

How to get your property "show house" ready

When deciding to sell your property, it is essential to assess it critically from an appeal point of view as first impressions are vital to a potential buyer. You must start by looking at the pavement appeal - how your property looks from the outside pavement, and then systematically work your way through the property to the inside of the house.

If need be, ask a friend or relative to give you an honest opinion of what they think, as you have most probably been living in the property for some time and may have got used to the look - it is only human!

A well-maintained home that is correctly priced will appeal to a wide variety of buyers and will have more chance of selling within a reasonable timeframe. A good first impression is the initial step to securing a property sale.

Therefore, you only have one chance to impress potential buyers and the following should be attended to: (some points will not be applicable to properties situated in complexes)

The outside

  • The grass should be mowed, watered, and fed on a regular basis.
  • The flower beds should be weeded, and the shrubs neatly trimmed - if possible, plant flowers to provide some nice colour to to the garden.
  • If there is a swimming pool, the water should be crystal clear - if necessary, get the local pool guy to look at it.
  • Look at the outside walls and gutters to see if it needs re-painting. If not, then at least pressure-wash the walls.
  • Organise and clean out the garage

The inside

  • Check if the inside walls need to be cleaned or re-painted.
  • Ensure the following are cleaned:
    • the windows - inside and outside.
    • all the electrical and light switches.
    • all built-in cupboards.
    • built-in appliances such as ovens and hobs.
    • the baths, showers, and the shower doors.
  • Clutter will distract buyers from the home's features and make space appear smaller, therefore:
    • de-clutter the home and pack away unused items.
    • clear items from the top of kitchen counters.
    • tidy up the bathroom and showers.
    • pack away any un-ironed laundry. 

By just doing the abovementioned, you will be amazed at how appealing your property will look and will certainly improve your chances of an easy and quick sale, at the correct price!