JVP Properties | Our fixed fees explained with a summary of how we work

Our fixed fees explained with a summary of how we work

We make use of modern technology by operating exclusively online, enabling us to work remotely from any location. We have been doing this successfully since 2014  long before it became more fashionable to do so! Add to this that it is super easy these days to take professional looking photos and video walk-throughs of your property with your own smartphone (we will explain to you what to do!) and furthermore, who can show qualified and verified buyers your property better than you — and by appointment only? (Again, we will show you how)! Having done this, we have eliminated the middleman, the estate agent, thereby reducing our overheads considerably and passing this saving on to you.

When a buyer is interested in your property, we will negotiate the best possible price for you, draw up the offer to purchase document, arrange signatures and then manage the transfer process all the way until registration and, with our fixed fee price, you will save at least 60% of the average estate agent's fee! This reduction in costs have had no impact on our service delivery, and we pride ourselves that we still provide an above-average service to our clients!

In the traditional estate agency model, there are so many role players such as the estate agent, his principal, and the franchisor - each requiring a portion of the fee charged to a seller, that it is difficult for them to reduce their fees significantly.

Our fees are based on the following selling price-bands:

Property Selling Price Our Fixed Fee Normal Agent Fee Your Potential Saving
Up to R799 999 R19 950 R60 375 R40 425
R800 000 to R999 999 R24 950 R77 625 R52 675
R1 000 000 to R1 249 999 R29 950 R97 030 R67 080
R1 250 000 to R1 499 999 R36 950 R97 030 R60 080
R1 500 000 to R1 799 999 R39 950 R113 850 R73 900
R1 800 000 to R2 499 999 R45 950 R148 350 R102 400
R2 500 000 to R3 999 999 R56 950 R186 875 R129 925
R4 000 000 + R69 950 R230 000 R160 050


This fee is only payable once we find a buyer and only from your share of the proceeds after registration to the new owner. Other than this, there are no upfront fees, and all other costs are for our own account.

We require no sole mandate, as many of the estate agents in the industry do, preferring to work on mutual trust and a "handshake" only. So, you can cancel anytime you feel we are not doing our job! However, give us at least two months to market your property before deciding to appoint more estate agents. During this period, and after having exhausted all avenues, we will let you know in any event, if we find that the activity is too low and that you should consider more agents to cast the net wider.

Try Us! You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!!



Ensuring your property is correctly priced

We will assist you to establish a market-related value of your property by using various information and statistics at our disposal so that your property can be priced correctly to obtain a sale in the shortest time but at the best possible price. Click or tap here to read how to price your property to sell.

Number of estate agents to market your property

Although it is your prerogative to use as many agents as you want, we would respectfully caution you against this strategy as the largest website portal, Property24, link together all the agencies marketing the same property! So, if a viewer looks at your property listing on the website, he/she will see, for example, that nine agencies are marketing your property and may think that you are desperate in trying to sell and would wonder why. Just imagine, nine "For Sale" boards on your pavement - this is how it would look to the viewer! Also, keeping the above in mind, the more agents you appoint will not necessarily generate more leads for your property - in fact, the number of leads would merely be split between more agents resulting in less leads to each agent! The result of this may be that the agents will lose interest and start focusing on other properties. 

We recommend at most two other agencies together with our agency - three agencies in total. Of course, we prefer that you only use our agency but if you do decide to use more agencies (and willing to pay their higher fees!) then we would appreciate if you would let us know - we will still go the extra-mile and am confident that we will find you a buyer in the shortest possible time!

Marketing of your property

We will explain to you how to take professional looking photos and to provide us with all the key features of your property. We then use this information to put together a professional presentation of your property on our website so that when a viewer looks at your listing, they can immediately decide whether they want to shortlist your property for a viewing or not. We provide as much information and photos as possible to improve our quality score with the major property website portals so that your listing stands out and can be noticed by more viewers. We also make use of social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Then, on an ongoing basis we track the number of viewers through the various portals to gauge the performance and tweak the listing accordingly. During this period, we will keep you fully informed on the performance of your property. Click or tap here to read how to take professional looking photos.

Appointments with potential buyers

We arrange all viewing appointments with you after we have qualified potential buyers for affordability by insisting that they provide a pre-qualification certificate from a bank or bond originator, and we have verified their ID's and contact details for security purposes. In all cases, we will always first confirm the date and time with you.

All you need to do is to show potential buyers around your home and point out all the key features. Who can do it better than you can anyway! You don't have to sell at all and certainly not have to negotiate the price with them - if they want to start negotiating, then just refer them back to the estate agent. We will inform the buyer before the time that you will merely show them around the property and any further questions they may have or negotiation they might want to do, will be with us. Click or tap here to read how to show your property to potential buyers.

Security on viewing days

As mentioned, we do a background check on all potential buyers to ensure they are serious and the details provided to us, tie up. When appointments are made, we will provide you with their contact details but will never provide your details to them. On viewing days, you should ensure that all your valuables are locked away and that you have another adult with you to assist you, just to be on the safe side.

A final note

We have absolutely no intention of wanting to become the largest estate agency in the country or to disrupt the industry, etc., etc. We just want to deliver an exceptional service with a win-win solution to all parties concerned. We, therefore, limit our listings to a manageable number so that we can place our entire focus on selling each listing, rather than trying to list as many properties as possible with the hope of selling a few but not being able to focus on the rest! Trust, honesty, and integrity is the cornerstone of our beliefs, and we work incredibly hard and hold ourselves to high ethical standards to ensure that our clients come first.

Try Us! You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!!